Ron Pullman's book

Strategies for Tax-Busting Solutions


Leading financial innovator Ron Pullman takes the reader through his groundbreaking steps necessary for estate preservation. Both brokers and individuals find this a primer on wealth preservation. As a veteran adviser to some of the largest estates including corporate, entertainment and public figures, Private Split Dollar Strategies opens new approaches for tax-saving solutions and wealth preservation. A best-seller, Private Split Dollar Strategies for Tax-Busting Solutions is available on Amazon.

“As a Financial Professional I am always looking for quality literature that I can draw from and share with my clients. This book has opened my eyes to a very practical yet superior way that approach the topic of Tax Planning. I would recommend this book to anyone, and will be keeping a supply of them for my own firm.

The ideas illustrated in here will literally help my clients save Millions of dollars they would have otherwise unnecessarily forfeited to Uncle Sam.
Thank you Ron!!!”
– David