Ronald Pullman - The Infotainer

Ron Pullman - The Infotainer


Ron Pullman applies his talents and experiences across several related industries.

As a musician, songwriter and performer he knows and understands the needs of talented individuals. He has personally lived them.

As a financial expert, he has applied his innovative concepts to breakthrough ideas that have revolutionized finance and philanthropy.

As a business manager, guiding musical talent, Mr. Pullman has applied his experiences in finance and music to bring a rare mix of insight for those in the entertainment industry.

“Harmoney,” “Money in Motion,” and “Moneterics” are just some of the innovative concepts that Mr. Pullman has created. He shows people how to keep more of their personal wealth through philanthropy-an exciting new financial category that he calls Moneterics.

His roster of clients includes many major figures from the business, entertainment and sports world. He authored the best-seller “Split Dollar Strategies for Tax-Busting Solutions” and is founder of the International Financial Network Radio & TV Show.

His clients herald his unique, but complex approach to estate planning and tax-saving solutions that liberates money while creating life-saving philanthropic legacies.

Member IARFC (International Association of Registered Financial Consultants); Forum 400

Ron Pullman is a singer, songwriter and performer as well as an innovative financial expert. He has combined these talents and experiences in guiding entertainers in their respective industries through Pullman Management.

He is also the author of the best-selling book, “Split Dollar Strategies for Tax-Busting Solutions, founder of the International Radio & TV Network, and a member the International Association of Registered Financial Consultants and the Forum 500 along with numerous community and business organizations.

Pullman History



Lewis Pullman invents a device that can lift and move homes intact which saves the dwellings of many settlers who were forced to move because of
the construction of the Erie Canal.


Lewis’ son George carries on his father’s legacy. He takes his invention to Chicago where it is credited with saving thousands of low-lying structures.


George continues to innovate. He revolutionizes train travel with the invention of the Pullman Train Sleeping Car. He goes on to build factories and an entire city for his thousands of employees.


Ron Pullman carries on the family’s history of invention and innovation. As an author, singer/songwriter, financial expert, and entertainment manager, Ron brings new ideas into our lives every day.

Listen to the music; follow the money; see the harmoney that Ron Pullman creates for people in all walks of life.

History of Ron Pullman

George M. Pullman
Inventor: Pullman Train Car
Founder: Pullman, IL

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Ron Pullman
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