Preservation Hall Jazz Band horn section records on Dream On

The Preservation Hall Jazz Band horns recorded on Dream On Nov.9th. The session started at 8am at the Audible Images Recording Studios –   Yes, after a fantastic concert performance at the Byham Theater in Pittsburgh, PA the night prior. That said performance at one time had The Blind Boys of Alabama, the Preservation Hall Jazz Band horn section and Irma Thomas and a special guest and friend of The Blind Boys on piano Pittsburgh’s Nelson Harrison all performing together on one stage. The new songs from The Blind Boys of Alabama’s new record Almost Home were just simply amazing!

The Blind Boys band members Ray Ladson – Bass, ( Peter Levin keyboards – Peter has new record about to be released.  provided the backbone rhythms and bottom end along with Joe Lastie’s drumming to the musical show.

Irma Thomas’ voice and performance was nothing less than elegant and refined. She joked about her age during one part of the performance, all were surprised at how beautiful she and her voice was presented. – for more info and up- coming tour dates.

An over-all performance from all the performers that was mind-boggling and that left many if not all in the audience on Nov. 8th so pleased and craving more. It was one of those rare shows that when it’s over and the lights come you feel so energized and you can hardly believe the show has ended.

The picture right to left after our Dream On recording session.

Freddie Lonzo – trombone, Me, Calvin Johnson – Saxophone and horn section session director, the infamous Jimmy Hoyson – producer extraordinaire and Gregg Stafford – trumpet.

The horns added a NOLA flavor that will be soon heard on Dream On and thought of as some of the most tasteful and classy horns ever recorded.  Freddie’s marvelous trombone solo and sophisticated bottom end he added to the horn section is unparalleled. Calvin’s leadership qualities was matched by his recording performance as a supreme player. And Gregg is a retired math teacher from NOLA put up some of the most unequaled trumpet sounds.

A Pittsburgh eatery note:

The Blind boys of Alabama have a touring passion. They love to sample the local BBQ.

I was never so pleased to walk across the street from the Byham Theater to Pork and Beans restaurant to buy them dinner.

I spoke to The Blind Boys after bringing the Preservation Hall gents back from the Dream On recording session to say my good- byes. They all were still thanking me for buying them one of the most delicious dinners on the tour. That’s impressive! Just check out their tour schedule (  They are the authority on good BBQ!

The Blind Boys of Alabama after the Nov. 8th Show at the Byham Theater

Right to Left.  Ben Heppner – vocals, Joe Lastie – drummer and member of the Presevation Hall Jazz Band, Ron Pullman middle, Eric “Ricky” McKinnie CEO and vocals  and Joey Williams – lead guitar and band director.